WHO is

body philosophy club?

This club is you. It is anybody in a body. Its name comes from an idea three friends had while talking about how a body club, like a book club, could really be a very supportive, necessarily-hilarious thing. Every body is a member!

I am some body living and thinking in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. I started the earliest iteration of BPC in 2013 while teaching preschool-aged children at a local discovery museum. At that time BPC was called Belle Hutchins, an ode to my grandmother, and was more about good fabrics, colors and design. 

My first job at the museum was facilitating a messy, open-ended, anything-basically-goes art class for 2-4 year olds. I learned immediately that children learn through their senses, that childhood is magic because children are present in their bodies. I noticed how children reacted differently to sensory experiences; one child could love rubbing their hands in slimy paint while another might touch it and begin to cry. One particular young friend could not tolerate his sleeves getting bunched up under his jacket and would say "something's wrong, something's wrong" until his sleeves were pulled down. For him, everything did feel wrong because his body was uncomfortable! These young people taught me that life, in its most basic form, is a series of sensory events. We experience life through our particular physical bodies.   

And so Belle Hutchins became Body Philosophy Club when I started sourcing vintage clothing from actual people's estates, from people who spent many years of their lives in the Bay Area. This often felt (and still feels) like interacting with the other end of a lifetime. And has always felt particularly special because this area of the world is changing so quickly. And now a big part of this project is merging what I've learned from children with what I am learning about adulthood and what I see and feel when encountering the objects that people leave behind when they pass away or transition out of their homes. 

I should say: I have never been in a club! I have never really understood philosophy! And I most often feel some level of discomfort about existing in a body!

I hope you find something here that helps you enjoy being in your particular body. 

- Belle Bueti