1920s Fanny dress

1920s Fanny dress


A linen dress from the 1920s with “Fanny” embroidered on the front. Originally one of a set of two nearly identical pieces from the estate of a celebrated San Francisco watercolor painter, more on her below. Soft cotton lace along collar and arm openings. Beautiful quality construction. Wear free in its roomy glory or belted and off the shoulder for a more structured fit.

maker : who knows!

story : bernal heights, san francisco - Betty Page, 95 years old - house artist for SF Opera and Ballet - trunks of old things - keeper of two old dresses both embroidered with “Fanny” - a view of the city - photograph she took of a faucet with wet bar of soap.  

material : linen  

lunar body size : gibbous - full

length: : 49"

shoulder : 19 - 21” with lace

bust : up to 54" 

waist : up to 56"

hip : up to 58"

neck : 13.5" across

plunge : 7.5”

arm opening : 18” around

condition : excellent, very light stains on back bottom, two pinhole size brown stains on left front lace trim barely noticeable.

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